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Julian Kerins Brings It With Vie

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Vie” by Julian Kerins is an uptempo piece that utilizes drum breaks and polyrhythms to maintain your interest from beginning to end. Julian recently posted up at Port Jefferson New York’s VuDu Studios to rock a live studio version of the song with drummer Michael Vetter and bassist Michael Schuler. The song was initially recorded and featured on Kerins’ 2020 album “To Solemn Maia.” This live studio session incarnation allows listeners to experience the record in a much brighter frequency, and the smooth bass guitar grooves combine with the somber lyrics to concoct a cool yet menacing atmosphere as the trio weaves through every element of the song’s dynamic structure.

Kerins consistently delivers thought provoking, versatile records, so we are looking forward to his 10-song acoustic LP, “Coquetry,” dropping early 2022. For now, give him a look on his website ( and follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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