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Blessed Mode With Kel Mitchell

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Kel Mitchell’s new powerful devotional book Blessed Mode, hit on stores on December 14, with the hope of inspiring a 90-day challenge focusing on the blessings we receive when we take the step to put our faith 100% in God.

Following his amazing career in television and film, Kel is known for starring in Nickelodeon’s Kenan & Kel, All That, and Good Burger. Kel decided to share the spiritual side of himself with his fans in Blessed Mode. As someone that knows what it’s like to struggle through depression and addiction, he wants to remind us of the power of God’s presence. As a youth pastor at Spirit Food Christian Center, Kel is passionate about sharing this testimony of hope with the next generation, and to further the conversation he wrote this book. In Blessed Mode, Kel Mitchell offers 90 powerful devotions to help you including:

  • Find freedom in God’s life-changing presence.
  • Experience God’s power through prayer.
  • Recognize God’s many gifts in your life.
  • Share the blessings you’ve received with others.

“As you read through the pages of Blessed Mode, you will learn that in every emotional wall there is a blessed way out! You will be breaking through these walls widening that crack of light a little bit, day by day, so you can discover God’s blessings on you,” said Kel Mitchell. ”I hope this book can inspire others to embrace their blessings and find strength  spiritually, mentally and physically! Life is a beautiful blessing giving to us by God! I cannot wait to show the world this side of me and how to activate BLESSED MODE!!”

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