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Turk N16 Talks About His Favorite Rap Topics

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When looked at from a distance, rap can sometimes seem myopic, focused on a couple of things that are closest to the rapper’s heart. A deeper dive into the artform would reveal that rap is anything but nearsighted when it comes to the topics it deals with. As an incredibly versatile form of music, rap was able to contain the Native Tongues movement and gangsta rap at the same point in time, with the two dealing with very different topics in some cases, or the same topics in very different ways in other cases.

As a rapper with a solid following, Turk N16 knows all about choosing the right topics to rap about. When he raps, he likes to imagine the person he’s addressing, whether they’re a fan, a friend, or a member of the community with similar life experiences. He wants to make it clear to them that he knows what they’re going through because they have the same aspirations and they have faced the same obstacles.

As someone who is based in London, Turk N16 bases many of his verses on the things that go on in the city. In some cases, he might rap about an opulent lifestyle—aspirational lyrics that are very popular with people who want to change their situation in life and have turned to Turk N16 for inspiration. Turk N16 doesn’t shy away from rapping about the hard stuff, too, like the heartbreaks and crashes that come with fighting for a decent life in a big city and trying to make it as a rapper.

Turk N16 has had plenty of people he looked up to on his way up, and he often likes to write lines he thinks they might say. These don’t necessarily end up in his songs, but they are a great way for him to get the creative juices flowing when he needs to write about the goings-on around him.

At the end of the day, Turk N16’s favorite topics are the same ones that interest all the people who share his background and live in a big city. It’s a tough world out there, and Turk N16’s art often reflects it. Sometimes it calls it out directly. Other times, it gives his fans a couple of minutes of escapism.


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