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Reco Jefferson on Four Essential Personality Qualities for Music Career Success

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Reco Jefferson is an upcoming Soul and Blues artist, originally from Mississippi. He’s been through it all, from military service to his rugged upbringing in the music industry. When asked, Reco pointed out the four crucial personality qualities necessary for a successful music career.

Caring: Putting Your Audience First

Reco states that there are ways to show your audience that they come first. He believes that taking time out of one’s day to communicate with fans via social media is important. Keep it personalized and stay authentic. Doing this for an hour a day will make a huge difference. Show them that you really care!

Diligence: Treating it like a job

There is natural ability and then there is hard work. Reco Jefferson believes that repetition is the key to growth, especially when you find something that resonates with your audience. Practicing hard and honing your craft is key to success in any career, and music is no exception. Be committed and show up every day.


Long-term success requires perseverance. A month of trying and failing isn’t patience. Reco Jefferson shared that patience often necessitates lowering one’s expectations for the near future. He knows it’s not going to happen in two weeks, and if it does, without repetition, there is no sustainability.

Staying Humble

Some successful musicians struggle with this, after all their success didn’t come easy. Reco has spent countless hours in the studio, perfecting his craft. As well off as he is to have all that he does, he realizes that not everyone is as lucky. Stay humble and give back when possible.

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