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Austin Godsey Shares the Ingredients Every Hit Song Needs

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Some musicians stumble upon a hit and spend their whole career looking to replicate its success. Others figure out the major trends of their time and build their own sound around them. Austin Godsey, the singer-songwriter from Houston,

Texas, belongs to the latter group.

During his career as a musician, Godsey managed to create and release several hit songs that garnered international attention. He used the opportunity to analyze his process, the songs, and their performance, and he quickly came up with certain “rules” a hit song should follow.

The first and maybe most important is the hook—the melodic line of the song that’s designed to lure the listener into sticking with the song until the end and maybe even play the song again. Hooks can be placed deeper within the song, like in the chorus, for example, and still be just as effective.

Anyone who wants to pull off a chorus hook should know that people don’t want to wait forever to get to it. The average song lasts around three minutes, so Austin Godsey likes his listeners to hear the hook within the first minute of the song.

That might mean a shorter verse so that the chorus comes quicker.

As far as tempo goes, it’s always best to look up the averages of the popular songs at the time. The most popular tempo for an upbeat song is prone to change, and Austin Godsey advises keeping up with the shifting landscape. If that means switching from a 120 bpm for a fast song to 135, so be it.

The final tip Austin Godsey would like to share is to always keep it real and reasonably personal with the song lyrics. Even if the subject of the song is made up, there are still ways to inject enough of a genuine touch in there to make the song truly authentic. People will want to listen to a person who knows what they are singing about, or at the very least share their passion about a certain topic if the song is not autobiographical.

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