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Vanity Rose – “F*ck Face”

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Vanity Rose releases their highly anticipated debut single “F*ck Face,” produced by DJ Chose. Hennessy, Hazel and Honey’s rhythmic flow is fresh energy we need to close out the year.

“F*CK Face” is about being young and carefree. Going against the grain, enjoying life, even if it means having a different man, for different reasons in different area codes. Vanity Rose doesn’t care about
social norms or what the public has to say. This song is an anthem of being bold, beautiful and confident. “My body – my way – is the Vanity Rose way! Their raunchy lyrics show their unison for female power and sexuality, saying the things every girl thinks but can never speak.

Check out their fun, new single on all streaming platforms available. The girl’s night out club anthem is bound to be a tik-tok favorite!

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