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Inside the mind of New Zealand music producer George Pham

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George Pham is a musician and producer from Timaru, New Zealand. This New Zealand producer fresh out of Timaru is making his way to success one step at a time. With an innovative and creative musical approach and a craving to become the best version of himself. Technical, creative and self-managed are three words that represent George Pham.


His EP ‘’Faces and Places’’ recently dropped during the COVID lockdown.


Many big musical artists struggled to have stable income due to cancelled shows. Our question was what drove this New Zealand producer from a small town called ‘Timaru’ to release his own EP during this depressing period. I was able to sit down with George Pham himself for a one on one interview.


Who are you and what do you do?


My name is George Pham and I am a 15 year old musical artist from New Zealand. I was born in New Zealand and have attended schools there since I was five years old. I am attending Roncalli College and plan to do so until I graduate, while taking frequent trips to Melbourne, Australia to visit family and expand my connections.


Where do you plan to live when you’re Older?


When I’m older, I plan to move out of my home country to somewhere different like Australia to pursue my career further. I am interested in moving mostly because my town is very small, and isolated. It makes me feel like they’re are no opportunities for me to pursue myself further.


Where do you see yourself with your Musical Career in the Future?


In the future, I see myself still creating Lo-Fi tunes for my audience, doing the same thing, telling a story with every song. I think my style and motive behind my music is super unique and creative and it’s something I would never want to let go.



What gave you inspiration for your EP ‘VISION’?


One of my friends posted a creepy looking photo of an eye in the group chat and the conversation turned into talking about the third eye and psychedelics, this sparked an idea in my head and I turned it into a visual and musical arts project that I have been working on. It’s awesome because it’s super unique.



If you had to describe your skills with the creation of Music how would you and what skills do you acquire? (what programs do you use? Instruments?)


I use Audacity and Ableton Live along with an Ableton Push 2 provided by my ex music teacher to create and produce my songs, Having a good set of equipment and software is key to be able to create high quality tracks, I am so fortunate to be in a position where I am provided with such professional and fancy equipment to jumpstart my career, not many people started off like me and usually start off rougher producing on a laptop or sometimes even their phone or mobile device. This is key to keep in mind throughout producing my songs so I remember to stay humble and not take anything for granted.



What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released and why?


I saw success on one of my first songs ‘The First Step’ this song was created to show and tell that everybody is insecure about things and that we all need the confidence to come forward and ignore it, I create music on topics that are on my mind, I think music and especially Lofi beats are very peaceful; even therapeutic. And for that reason, I personally think that this hit song is my favourite.



How would you describe the music scene in Timaru?


Music in my town is very limited. There have been a few popups and notable people around my area, but the music scene is most popular in bigger cities in my country such as ‘Wellington’ and ‘Auckland’ which is a long way away from where I’m based.



Where can we find you? So we can get informed about new projects and music?


Instagram: @georgephamm

Twitter: @georgephamm

TikTok: @georgephamm


My official website:

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