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Top Artists to look out for in 2022

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Unrehearsed Music Group was created by D-Smoke and 3DWon in 2014. From Tucson, Arizona these two close friends formed an ideal that would later flourish into becoming not just an experiment gone completely right; but transformed into a belief that could become something their children could someday own and operate. OddBall aka Yung OB met D-Smoke along the way at a call center where they discovered a common bond, music.
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Edison is a singer and songwriter from Modesto, California. He has performed at many music festivals, shows, and concerts with artists such as Iamsu!, Sage the Gemini, and T-Pain. Ever since he moved to Los Angeles, Edison’s music has taken off farther than he could ever imagine. Living in Southern California was able to help him meet the right people that could help him on his journey. On Reverbnation, Edison was ranked in the Top 50 of artists living in the Los Angeles area due to his hit song “Real One” which featured rapper Ziggy and was produced by Chris Keys.


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Valid Point.

Valid Point. set out to make music that aimed towards each other’s strengths and weaknesses at the beginning of 2017. The duo had made music in the past, but never took it very seriously. They both used to rap over self-produced beats that could be found in a trash can. One day, Jonah was going through Thad’s archives and pushed him to release music under a new alias where Jonah would take the sidelines on the recording. Against Thad’s will, Jonah set out to push, manage, and help provide lyrics for his brother while Thad would handle the music. This was the recipe that they needed to reach and exceed the goals that they had set for the upcoming years.


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Rising artist PTE IZZY, made an amazing first impression thanks to his vanguard flow on “Damn” featuring Nsy Ka. He proves his power and creativity in the international musical landscape. 

Izzy’s flow is recognizable and addictive from hard-hitting rap to subtle touches of chill hip-hop rap. The perfect combination with the flawless and vanguard productions. The project will bring you eclectic sonorities from hip-hop to black music-infused elements, to offer a unique musical journey. 

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Anthony Sawyers 

Anthony Sawyers is one of the freshest young voices in hip hop, known to spit mind-bending turns of phrase with a precocious flow that’s somehow both humble and cocksure.

His lyrics drip with hard-fought wisdom, gleaned from the peaks and valleys of life in his home city of Brampton, Ontario, and artfully placed over bone-rattling beats.

With a haunting, yet hopeful, sound best described as new-school northern trap, Sawyers is deeply attuned to the lessons that spring from success and failure, happiness and heartache.

Eli Williams 

Eli Williams is a producer, DJ, and instrumentalist from Morgantown, West Virginia. His work is a direct reflection of the gifts and abilities that God has given him and he chooses to use those gifts to glorify his creator. 

As an 8th grader, Eli began to experiment with GarageBand to make beats for fun (as he deeply enjoyed Christian hip-hop). Eli continued to experiment with music production until he started working with a band local to Pittsburgh known as Profound Revival. There he learned Logic and the depths of music production. In 2019, Eli began working with an award-winning rapper known as Lamar Riddick. This is where Eli became a business owner and began to take the craft seriously. 

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