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JPOPD1: Moving Precise

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In an interview with John Michael Veiga, also known as JPOPD1, we talk about his decade long run as an independent musician and how remaining independent has allowed for him to freely express himself creatively with no boundaries.  Along the way, he also states he was faced with many obstacles and demons that took time and will power to overcome to be able to continue on a steady rise to mainstream success.

Veiga has never been one to stray from the truth. In previous interviews, we’ve been able to read about the struggles that come along with being an independent artist, such as; lack of resources, having to work two or three normal jobs while maintaining an image of opposite reality, attending school full time to gain the knowledge to run his independent record label and publishing company, as well as helping put on those artist who he believes in and has shared his journey with.

Many see this lifestyle as all fun and good times, but little see the reality behind the curtains and off the stage. With many released albums, singles, and music videos, not to mention various label offers and daily opportunities to work with artist in the mainstream spotlight, JPOPD1 chooses to maintain a low key and private life. Being from

Miami, FL you would expect such an amazing and expressive artist to be very open and outgoing, instead we realize that he is very humble , down to earth, and doesn’t really market himself in person like other artist do. We’ve asked him why all the privacy and secretiveness, he simply stated: it’s about the music, the message and the relativity it has to the listeners life, “my life has nothing to do with the art, I just find what the universe wants me to find, put it together and share it with the world”.

Truly the mind of a prophet in our time. JPOPD1 uses his own life experiences as the canvas to create these beautiful stories and lyrics within his music that move the soul.

Very few realize the Veiga where many hats in this industry, from writer/ producer/ audio engineer, all the way to, recording artist/ rapper/ singer/ author/ and videographer. Multi tasking his daily life with that of his artistry, seemingly a seamless process,  takes much focus, discipline and will power. Success is never over night states JPOPD1, who has been pursuing international recognition for over a decade.

Various hit singles and projects have gotten him close to the brink of mainstream success, but the chaotic part of this artist life then takes full form through the later years of his career, ranging from addiction, trouble with the law, loss of loved ones, and just overall mental health hurdles. Suffering with a full spectrum of synesthesia, and riddled by PTSD from his prior near death experiences and traumas, Veiga is as strong willed and motivated as they come. Some may say that he wasn’t cut from the same clothe, In which he replied with this, “I’m not made from clothes or fabric, I’m made in gods image along with all my brothers and sisters in this world, so I can’t relate to that saying”. Seems apparent that he believes in himself and a higher power to the point that he places his career In the hands of his faith, something very few artist can fathom. JPOPD1 is truly an artist in the rise and we can’t wait to see where he takes on his musical and personal journey.

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