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Get To Know Rapper Turned Visual Artist J.O. Jerusalem

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A former rapper who worked with Gunplay among others, J.O. Jerusalem is a force of nature who has found his true calling as a talented visual artist. Over the years, he’s specialized in paintings, NFTS, and tattoos. Following his expulsion from FIT, his career as a working artist found its do-or-die moment four years ago, when he scaled up and over a fence to attend an Art Basel event in Miami. Wisely ignoring the art broker’s refusal to allow him to set up, he presented his work, attracted the attention of many potential purchasers, and then nature continued to take its course.

As he returns to Miami’s famed Art Basel, curates a nationwide paint tour, and develops a TV series, J.O.’s future is now following a meteoric rise to prominence in the NY art scene. Despite juggling all of the above, he continues to make a name for himself in the NFT space and remains focused on that campaign. You can support J.O. by checking out the auction he hosts for his work via his website where you can also view Ethereum bids on said work, live and direct:

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