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W4SH Is Just Getting Started With His New Single “Outta Pocket”

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Canada is known for some of the best lyricists the world has to offer from Drake, Tory Lanez, Belly, and more. What do all these rappers have in common? They all reside on the east coast of Canada in Toronto. The west coast of Canada does not have much representation in delivering bars & cadences in the form of Hip Hop before the wave of melodies took over. W4SH (pronounced WASH) is an emerging Canadian artist from Vancouver, British Columbia that genre-bends between Rap and R&B. Even though he delivers both sides of today’s Hip Hop, he never leaves where the art form originated. You can hear displays of his rapping abilities on slaps like ‘Outta Pocket’, ‘Lost Count’, ‘Day One’, and ‘Mainstage’. While being able to deliver bars, metaphors, and punchlines, he never lacks a catchy hook or memorable song structure with his superior songwriting. 

Listen to the track:

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