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Rising Hip-hop Artist Rio Vidal Redefines the Game

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The world of hip-hop is full of timeless individuals whose talents constantly redefine the genre. The modern age of hip-hop is filled to the brim with up-and-coming new talents who are setting the stage for a revolution in the music industry. Rio Vidal is among these talented upstarts, blending the elements of rap music and hip-hop with melodies, smooth southern soul, and Midwest delivery.

Born on March 23, 1990, Rio Vidal came straight out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a musical artist, singer, songwriter, and hip-hop artist from the north side area of Milwaukee. His music often stems from his life experiences as he brings a mixture of his city’s sound with a Cali soul feel to the table, having spent five years in California, a year in Atlanta, and some summers in Florida. As he blends together his experiences with his music, he creates a distinct sound that could only come from Rio Vidal himself.

Rio Vidal has been around the music industry since 2010, when he landed himself a major distribution and pub deal. Music has always been a huge part of his life, as it practically runs in his blood. When he entered the third grade, his parents were extremely happy that Rio loved music as much as they did. His father was a DJ for rapper Coo Coo Cal and Oz, touring the country in the nineties, which jump-started Rio’s musical influence. 

His parents loved to listen to Outkast, Goodie Mob, Mary J. Blige, and Lauryn Hill. During middle school, Rio Vidal heard Kanye West for the very first time, which gave him a next-level love for hip-hop music. In the succeeding years, when he entered high school, he honed his craft and perfected his rap flow. Rio Vidal then went on to enroll in College in San Francisco, California, where he studied film directing and music recording. 

During his school studio sessions, he learned how the voice worked in the studio and how the true feeling of recording went. Rio Vidal’s music plucks from his life experiences, bringing entirely different energy and style to the music industry.

“Currently, my top listeners are in Spain, which is pretty dope. Shoutout, Spain!” exclaimed the rising star. “Honestly, I think that shows how different my music is if another country with a different culture and language could love it just as much as the United States. My music is me, and with that being said, that’s what I’m bringing to the music world. Me being me is unlike any other person I know or seen.” 

In the near future, Rio Vidal sees himself back in Atlanta in a suburb chilling with his family and getting ready for another tour around the world.

“All in all, I’m going to make sure my voice will be heard around the world. I hope my life and music bring inspiration and hustle to people near and far. Whatever my music does, though, I’ll for sure keep my grind, work ethic, and hustle for the next few years,” said Vidal.

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