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Rising artist Wais Sarajzada is a musical powerhouse

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Wais Sarajzada is a music artist born in the 818 area of Los Angeles, California. Although Wais has faced many obstacles, he’s represented Los Angeles County in an immense manner through his music.


Though he has faced many obstacles in finding ways to pursue his passion for music, compiling the right team, and developing algorithmic ways to push his music out, Wais has accomplished many goals.


In 2021, Wais has been able to produce and compose new music which has never been heard before. Through his music, he’s been able to collaborate with many established artists like Woah Vicky and 600Breezy. Wais has also been featured in many respected blogs in the hip-hop community such as Muzique Magazine and HipHop Weekly for his unique presentation of music which has fans raging in excitement every time a new track has been announced.


What makes Wais Sarajzada’s music so unique is the way he’s constructed the instrumental beat which has fans jumping in excitement. Currently Wais Sarajzada’s recent track “Confused” is having fans on their feet every time they listen to the song. Because of all this recognition,  Wais has been gaining over 15,000 new monthly listeners on Spotify and over 20,000 new Instagram followers. All this virality has brought the attention of many influencers and celebrities reposting his tracks.


Wais Sarajzada shares his perspective and emotions through his lyrics and instrumental beats. Growing up, he listened to Eminem and Future, which has helped drive his ambition for music.


This exposure Wais Sarajzada has been facing has him speechless and filled with excitement for the future album release


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