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Rising Artist JHANGY Is One-of-a-Kind

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“Never be scared of trying anything. It’s better to fail than not trying what you love to do.” This mantra defines rapper and singer JHANGY’s life and career. To him, anything done for the betterment of his career is not lost even if the results do not show immediately.

JHANGY has pursued music for as long as he can remember. He is a Nigerian-Korean rapper and was born Jang Emmanuel Chukwudi Sungee. JHANGY spent his childhood in Africa listening to hip-hop and Afrobeats. These were his earliest musical influences, and it didn’t take long for him to decide on the music genre he wanted to pursue. He was going to learn how to rap and become the best rapper ever.

JHANGY started writing his own songs at the age of 12. He had listened to good music for many years, and he knew how to produce something similar. Even at such a tender age, he had enough inspiration from his own life to help him create music that would resonate with others.

His dad had passed on when JHANGY was only 8 years old, and that was a rough time for him. It was a good thing he had music to get him through the worst of the sadness that followed. He was also surrounded by loving people who offered him encouragement and kind words. Those experiences made their way into some of JHANGY’s earliest songs.

As he grew older, JHANGY’s passion for music continued growing, and he put more work into his career. Unlike many aspiring musicians, he knew having a talent would not be enough to give him a great career. He, therefore, decided to seek more knowledge and mentorship.

JHANGY went ahead and enrolled in a music producing and sound engineering school. After graduation, he put his songwriting skills into practice and wrote songs for many other artists. He also performed as an artist and won a few street rap competitions.

JHANGY’s biggest goal as an artist is to create great music for people to listen to and share lessons from his past experiences. In 2021 alone, he has released 5 singles with various themes. They are “Gangstar Love,” “Not Loved,” “Hating,” “Beta 4 Me,” and “Girls Love.” The songs are available on major music streaming platforms.

Even though JHANGY covers the same topics other rappers do, his music goes beyond the catchy beats. He showcases his songwriting prowess through thoughtful and authentic lyrics about pain, love, and relationships. The lyrics complement JHANGY’s masterful rapping and give the listener a great experience.

Thanks to his mixed heritage, JHANGY is multilingual. He speaks three Nigerian languages and can rap in them too. He wants to explore how far he can take that in the future. He hopes to make more people understand and love his craft.

After spending years honing his skills, JHANGY is now ready to release more music into the world. He is currently working on new projects that will be released soon. In addition to making good music, he also wants to perform in front of huge audiences in many parts of the world.

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