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Lola Brooke “Dummy Ummy” (Official Music Video)

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If consistency were a person, it would be Team 80 Productions Recording Artist, Lola Brooke, as she is back with her new track “Dummy Ummy”. “Dummy Ummy” is a no nonsense anthem that further solidifies Lola Brooke as one of the hottest rap artists emerging onto the music scene, male or female. “Dummy Ummy” can be heard and viewed HERE.

“Dummy Ummy” closes out a 2021 theme set by Lola for being focused as she has made an impact with her three previous singles, “Back To Business,” co-signed by rap legend, Snoop Dogg, “Don’t Play With It” featuring Billy B, and “WORK” featuring Maliibu Miitch. “Dummy Ummy” finds Lola once again showcasing the versatility of her voice as an instrument. Backed by production by Willy Propane, Sean John & T May K, she delivers expertly crafted bars making it clear that she is a force to be reckoned with bars reminding peers that she is here to level the game up. The catchy lyrics paired with the infectious beat are guaranteed to have heads nodding.

Lola Brooke’s steady flow of releases and charismatic personality helped her to continue to grow her fanbase. The outcome with over a Million b streams across 91 countries, on Spotify alone; a figure strongly boosted by her fan favorite, “My Bop.” Her previous 2021 release, “Back 2 Business” has become a favorite among TikTokers as it continues to grow the 718 Princess’ following. As with several of her previous releases, the single also caught the attention of the press, several of her music industry peers and even some of the OGs who have inspired Lola over the years: Snoop Dogg was so impressed by “Back 2 Business” that he shared it on his InstaStories, heaping on heavy praise for both the song and the artist behind it. Lola has been hard at work and it is paying off with several videos in BET Jams rotation, appearances on Sirius XM’s Shade 45 Grindsetters, being ranked on Audiomack’s Artists To Watch, and being recognized on the coveted Spotify RapCaviar list.

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