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TOP-TIER: A Diverse Up And Coming Artist

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, TOP-TIER has been devoted to music since his start at the age of 14, creating beats on the Apple MAC application, GarageBand. The 27-year-old musical writer, sound engineer and producer is best known for being a part of the rap duo “RTG” alongside his brother D-Reck. Their hit song “Slay” ft. Vivaswan went viral on Tiktok, gaining upwards of 1.5 million videos made on the platform and 43.2 million views.

Not wanting to be compared to other artists nor restricted to a particular genre, TOP-TIER describes his musical style as having been influenced by his diverse background and upbringing:

“Growing up in not only LA but also Atlanta has a lot to do with my inspiration/sound. Not only that, my parents are Caribbean so that was being played around the house all the time. I don’t think a lot of people are fortunate enough to get the best of 3 worlds but I was blessed enough to do so. Listening to people like DJ Quik, Dr. DRE and Mustard stamped that LA sound on me. Bob Marley, Beanie Man and the like stamped that Caribbean sound on me…When I moved to Atlanta during my high school years, I would listen to Gucci, T.I. Future and literally all the ATL producers and that showed me a whole different side of music that I never knew. I’d study all of them & I’d like to think I’m now the perfect hybrid between all 3.”

He continues to grind and perfect his musical craft while leaning into his family and mentors for support. He credits Instagram for connecting him to his current mentor and legendary recording/mixing engineer, Randy Lanphear:

“DONT MISTAKE THE POWER OF INSTAGRAM! REACH OUT! USE IT! I was already a good engineer prior to meeting him but he really helped me take my sound to the next level by allowing me to assistant engineer a ton of sessions for him.”

TOP-TIER is currently promoting his latest solo project which was released recently and is now available for streaming on all platforms.

Keep up with TOP-TIER below:
IG: @iloveyoutoptier
Facebook :@iloveyoutoptier
YouTube Channel:
TikTok: @iloveyoutoptier
SnapChat: @iloveyoutoptier
Twitter: @Iloveyoutoptier

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