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Wakko The Kidd Drops New Single “Crazy Stories” Featuring B.O.B And No Genre

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This is not the first time that Wakko The Kidd surprises us with fascinating music. His work always makes us just reflect back on the other side of life and get back to a time where we can chill out a little, but on his latest titled “Crazy Stories” track featuring B.O.B & No Genre, he kicks it up a notch with his lyricism and message. The beat drop at the beginning was so catchy and electrifying that it will make you activate you like you just drank some coffee! The beat rhythmically pulses and effectively catches your attention from anything you are doing on that spot. The high-energy track isn’t here to play–it can easily be added to a workout playlist or used at the start of your day to get you into hustle mode. Run up the views below and stream “Crazy Stories” on your favorite digital streaming platform today.

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