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One 3ye Q’s Upcoming Single, “Who’s” Is Nothing but Heat Waiting To Be Released

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Already having a solid musical catalog, One 3ye Q looks to extend his greatness with his upcoming single, “Who’s.”

Born in Brooklyn NY, One 3ye Q built himself a name in the music industry before moving to Florida to continue expanding his name into international acclaim. To date, he has achieved milestones that brought him under the radar of music mogul, Sean “Diddy” Combs. One 3ye Q was in talks of being signed to his Bad Boy Records label, however the benefits weren’t in line with his direction and vision for his career. This opened the path to collaborating with Crown Production under the guidance and mentorship of producer, Ansel Owen.

With the production works of Ansel Owen, One 3ye Q has released a number of bangers like “Up In This Money,” along with freestyle records like “Game Time Freestyle” and “Too late Freestyle.” After finding success with his songs and landing a feature on the cover of Ace Magazine, One 3ye Q’s music was showcased on the VMAs and BET awards. One 3ye Q aims to extend his fame with the release of his upcoming single, “Who’s” produced by Ansel Owen of Crown Production. The single is scheduled to arrive on December 10th, 2021, on all digital platforms and has creative credit from Marvin Williams and 5-time Grammy winner, Steven Stanley. The track promises to be a viral sensation with a rhythmic hip-hop beat that carries One 3ye Q’s smooth flow and catchy hook to bring energetic vibes capable of making any crowd go into turn up mode.

One 3ye Q is coming for the title. Unlike other artists, throughout the pandemic restrictions he has put in the work on several projects which he plans to release in the coming future. Follow the Brooklyn rapper and tap into his music.

Social media handle: @crownbad9/@crownden7/@one3yeq

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