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How Ssernets Music Is Slowly Getting the World’s Attention

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Up-and-coming musician Sacha Sernets is one of many aspiring artists to have risen to popularity from their video uploads on various social media sites. He became known for his cover versions of songs by many popular pop stars like Usher, Justin Timberlake, and John Legend. With his range and versatility, Sacha has slowly gotten the attention of mainstream music listeners all over the world.

Sacha grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where he was exposed to different genres of music as his parents were both music lovers. His father was into rock and alternative music, while his mother constantly listened to folk and country singers. This variety awoke the musician in Sacha early in life. But apart from singing, he was inspired by playing instruments as well.

As his musical taste started to mature, Sacha began to appreciate the sound of some of his generation’s best male artists. He considers Usher his biggest musical influence and even tried imitating his classic riffs and runs when he was twelve. However, Sacha knew that he had to make his own sound to be a professional singer someday and not be another singer’s prototype.

Later in life, Sacha began listening to Justine Timberlake, particularly his debut solo album, Justified. He liked the nostalgic sound created on the album, inspiring him to go for the same vibe. Aside from singing, the songwriting skills of both Usher and Justin Timberlake motivated the young Sacha to start writing his own music.

During his high school days, Sacha used his free time to compose songs on guitar. This guitar was actually very special to him as it was a gift from his brother, who pushed him to pursue music. Practicing the instrument while singing became his outlet in surviving his struggles during his teenage years in a very pressure-packed generation.

Sacha had written about ten songs by the time he finished high school. However, he had to stop composing to focus on college. The life of a college student took its toll on Sacha, so he needed something to disrupt the anxiety he felt. As a result, Sacha created a channel on YouTube where he uploaded a series of videos covering some classic RnB hits from the early 2000s.

The songs Sacha chose to cover tickled the ears of many 90s kids, so shortly after, his videos quickly reached hundreds of thousands of views. His cover of Usher’s “Burn” and Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” even trended on YouTube just a few days after they were uploaded. Sacha plans to release more cover versions in the future while going back to songwriting when he has the time.

Music can do wonders for people for various reasons, and for Sacha, it was his way of coping with life’s pressures. Not only was he able to get the better of his anxiety, but he started a career out of it too. Sacha’s goal is to hone his singing and songwriting skills to solidify a career in the music industry while finishing his studies.
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