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How Music Producer Taylan Is Storming the Electronic Music Industry

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Electronic music is often considered a genre that was born to break conventions. The spirit and energy that this genre has gained with the advent of technology are second to none. This progress has opened endless doors for musicians to experiment fearlessly with this genre. Music producer Taylan is one such artist who has been storming the industry for quite a few years with his unique take on the electronic genre.

Taylan is a growing music sensation on Spotify with more than 25,000 average monthly listeners. His crazy popularity on Instagram as an electronic music writer and producer is further proof of him being a sought-after artist in the world club scene. The artist and producer recently signed with the Steyoyoke record label and Space Tale Records for his upcoming tracks. The electronic musician and producer realized his passion for music in childhood, but it was only with the inception of electronic music in the mid-‘90s that he discovered his forte.

As a child, Taylan often tried mash-ups without any equipment because he loved to play with the bass lines without even realizing what it was. Even though he had no followers, Taylan kept listening to his compositions, striving to improve his skills every day. It was only natural for him to choose a music career as early as in high school. He started as a dance music producer and DJ, performing at small parties across Los Angeles. This continued until he reached college, and finally, his career took a different turn as he decided to become a surgeon.

Soon, Taylan realized his calling and left a promising career to pursue his passion for music. With the introduction of electronic music, he found his interest in this genre growing. At a time when it was not popular in Los Angeles, Taylan would travel around the town to find bootlegged underground house CDs imported from Europe. He was fascinated by electronic music and didn’t care about what other people thought and started playing the genre at parties and clubs where he performed. He was fired for this many times because people had not yet accepted this new genre.

Taylan’s career started taking off when his talent was finally recognized by a couple of clubs in Los Angeles. He got an offer to perform on Monday nights when clubs had the smallest crowds. At his first performance, Taylan had only 20 people grooving to his beats, and most of them were his friends. Within a couple of months, though, Taylan had changed this, as the queue outside the club was around the block. Since then, Taylan has never looked back.

He is currently a popular electronic dance music producer who can weave elegance and nostalgia into his music, leaving his fans craving more. This unconventional take on electronic music has helped him create a unique style that is both cutting edge yet familiar.

Taylan hopes to continue entertaining millions through his magic for many more years to come and dreams of sharing festival stages with some of the most popular artists. Going by his achievements so far, Taylan’s future endeavors to turn his dreams into reality will be exciting for his fans.

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