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HolyGxd song “Ugly” hits over 1 Million streams

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HolyGxd’s song “ugly”hit over 1 Million streams on Spotify. Holy is a trend setter on the internet with millions of followers . He has set the bar so high for him self and hopes to work with 50 cent one day in his career. There is so many other celebrities reaching out to him and the work he has put in getting recognized by many of the greats. Javante Carter (HolyGod) went from being bullied most of his life to a social media star. He recently just fought in a celebrity boxing match in Miami . Holy God continues to keep putting consistent content so follow what he has in store next. He would like to be in more movies and tv shows. He has turned his medical condition into an outlet for fame and this allows people across the globe to feel more comfortable in their skin. HolyGxd is an internet sensation known well for his funny skits featuring tons of other known stars. Tik Tok and Instagram have become one of the largest platforms for his skits.

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