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DJ Deleon On How He Turned His Passion For Music Into A Successful Career

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Robert Schumann once said, “To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist.” Reuben Deleon, aka RBN, aka DJ Deleon, has been doing the same with his music. The artist is a popular musician, singer and DJ who has paved a way in people’s hearts with his amazing work. The DJ hails from the US, where he has many admirers who often look up his exciting work.

For Reuben Deleon, music is everything. He has grown up listening to many big artists who worshipped the art. RBN believes that from childhood, he knew that music was his passion. So, he worked hard daily, practised songs, composed tunes, wrote lyrics, and learned DJing and various instruments all by himself. The young dream in him was ready to take all the efforts required to turn his passion into a profession.

RBN’s covers can be enjoyed on his Spotify Channel ‘DJ Deleon’. Some of his most heard covers are Lean On, Counting Stars and more. About turning his passion and dream into a reality, DJ Deleon says, “In my mind, I knew that music is my everything, and I have to show people the skills I have. I’ve always been surrounded by people who love music, and they enjoyed my work. So, I knew there are many out there who will like the twist I bring to their favourite songs. Sometimes, I write original tracks, and they also get a good response. So, I just decided to keep going on, learn from my setbacks and turn my deep passion into a successful career.”

Today, DJ Deleon has his Spotify page, more than 618k followers on Instagram and a great fan following. The artist wants to keep making music, DJing at events to make people’s evenings memorable and share exciting tracks in 2022.


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