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Manager Jarred J. Rosenberg is Helping Countless Artists Thrive

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Are you currently a musical artist trying to make a name for yourselves but having a tough time navigating the waves of the music industry? If so, then Jarred Rosenberg is the man for you. Growing up in Long Island, New York Jarred always felt called towards music. Some of his fondest memories growing up were blasting music in the car with his family and dancing along to the beat. Little did he know at the time, but these small childhood moments would shape the direction of his life. One thing Jarred knew for certain was that he had the blood of an entrepreneur in his veins and had zero interest in getting stuck with the routine of a 9-5. He knew and has since proved that if you put your mind towards something and follow it with massive action and believe in yourself it is sure to come true. 


While attending college Jarred put together quite a remarkable resume having earned a bachelor’s degree in science, a master’s in business administration, a doctorate in pharmacy, and furthermore a specialized post-doctoral fellowship. Despite all of his accomplishments in school he knew in his heart he no longer wanted to go down this path and intended to pour all of his energy into the music industry. Jarred set a definite goal for himself of helping as many artists flourish in the music industry as he could. With a keen ear for talent, Jarred began to seek out the best artist in his area. News began to spread like wildfire as Jarred started to catapult artist careers into the stratosphere.


Fast forward to today with years of experience Jarred is a music manager who focuses on developing artists, their image and persona, as well as a social media guru. Jarred has helped countless artists thrive and is looking to help many more in the future. Jarred is even stepping into uncharted territory and expanding his horizons with his debut album which he executive produced, “Vaulted” which is set to release at the end of 2021. As Jarred continues to rise in the industry he wants to bring as many artists up with him as he can. Be sure to follow Jarred’s journey and if you’re a struggling artist or someone who is looking to expand your reach in the music industry be sure to contact Jarred Rosenberg. 


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Instagram: @jarredrosenberg

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Spotify: Jarred J. Rosenberg 

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