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Iman Bashir on the Power of a Musician to Directly Impact Thousands of Lives

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The power of a musician has no limits. The ability to take over our minds with the right tunes and transport our thoughts to another dimension with the right words is something only a musician can do. 

Iman Bashir, a firm believer in the immense potential of music, also believes that the power of a musician can directly impact thousands of lives. As the founder of Craftly.AI and the Women in Leadership Club, Iman knows well how ideas can influence lives, and here, she reveals why a musician is a force to be reckoned with. 

A Musician can Change the Way You Feel

“Have you ever been able to ignore your favorite number playing in the background? I’ve never been able to shut out my favorite songs! When they start playing, I have to leave whatever I’m doing and enjoy the ride!” reveals Iman Bashir, sharing how her favorite musicians’ works influence her. Indeed, none of us can ignore our favorite song when it’s playing, and in doing so, we often notice our mood changing with the music. As human beings, we are built on a plethora of emotions and feelings, and when a musician belts out that number we love, we are all drawn in. 

A Musician can Supercharge a Revolution

Every time humankind stood up against tyranny and oppression, musicians have had their say in the revolution with the help of powerful tunes and even more powerful lyrics. From writing heartfelt songs representing those dying of hunger to lending a voice to those who are politically marginalized, musicians have often stood up for their cause. In turn, the music they create supercharges every soul taking part in the movement. From Bob Marley and John Lennon to Kendrick Lamar and Stephen Stills, the list of musicians who have stood up against wrong and lent their passion and talent to a revolution is endless. 

A Musician can Influence Generations

“Thousands? I’d say a musician can impact millions!” says Iman, sharing more thoughts on the power of a musician. When musicians use their creativity to impress upon their audience their path-breaking thoughts, they possess the ability to influence entire generations. “Every so often, we hear our parents listening to a song that holds meaning to them, and we fall in love too. Soon, we’ve passed it on to our friends’ playlists, and sure enough, we will one day share this love with our children,” says Iman, and we have to agree! 

As the founder of two successful organizations, Iman Bashir is a firm believer in the power of influence. Going by her testimonies to music, we stand convinced that a musician possesses the power to impact thousands of lives directly.

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