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The Advice That Artist Chunk Norri$ Has For Newcomers In The Music Industry

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Chunk Norri$, sometimes known as Chunky, was born to a Dominican mother in the Bronx, NYC, where he grew up with his brothers and stepfather, and moved around frequently. Surrounded by latin music at a young age, including Bachata, Salsa, and Reggaeton, Chunky has been influenced by his upbringing and began making music that spanned genres and showcased a new sound to the world.

Considering himself the new latin Drake, Chunky is a well-known audio engineer and considered one of the best in the New York and New Jersey area. Growing up with not a lot of money, Chunky had to be creative early on with how he could record music. Because of this, he eventually learned how to record, produce, and engineer all for himself, giving him valuable tools that he would use throughout his career.

Always finding himself behind the mic, Chunky always had aspirations for himself as a recording artist. With the help of fellow artist RGM150, he is finally putting those dreams in motion, and has a whole slate of releases set for early 2022. This is only the beginning for Chunk Norri$, and you’ll be sure to hear more from him over the coming years.

To those coming up today, he shares his valuable wisdom and knowledge that he’s gained during his years in the industry. He states:

“Never give up, never stop doing what you love no matter what and work HARD. Dreams only come true when you work towards them.”

You can hear more from Chunky and stay up-to-date with all he has in store by checking him out at the following links:

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