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London KOTC: Melodic Drill’s Next Big Thing Hits 100,000 Views on Spotify With His First Release

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It’s not every musician that can say their first track received over 100,000 views.

Freestyler and rapper London KOTC say that learning from past mistakes has driven him to be a better musician. For him, music is a type of therapy. It is a way to work out all of the trials and tribulations that have made his life difficult. He believes that the more vulnerable you are in your music, the better that music will be. Better yet, he has hundreds of thousands of Spotify views that prove his theory.

London KOTC Is Representing Melodic Drill Throughout America

London Kotc has managed to amass an impressive number of followers on Instagram. Added to this, he has risen to YouTube success with thousands of views on each of his videos.

Melodic drill music is a type of trap music that is itself a subgenre of hip hop. The lyrics and the beat are ominous and yet fluid. Big names in the melodic drill include Headie One, Pop Smoke, King Louie, and now London KOTC. This artistic style of music only arose in the late 2000s and is still in its infancy by comparison to other types of trap music. This gives London a significant advantage in its style. He is still early to the genre and could potentially be one of the biggest names in drill music of the 2020s.

The Rise To Success

One of London Kotc’s most notable moments was when he had a freestyle rap to the Avianne Jewelry YouTube channel. This rap got to 168,000 views before the jewelry shop closed it down. However, things weren’t always this easy for the rapper. London has come from council flats, like many rappers in the UK. Nevertheless, he has risen through the ranks to become a household name in his native city and hopes to achieve similar renown in the coming years.

Now, any piece of music that he releases to his YouTube channel receives thousands of clicks, likes, and views. The people who listen to his specific trap music genre know a good sound when they hear it. This subgenre is still gaining popularity, too, so we can expect a meteoric rise to success in the coming years – more significant than what has already begun.

London KOTC has worked with the likes of Cheeks Bossman, Tafia, Friday Santana and La The Goat already, with more big-name collaborations sure to follow in the coming months. Watch this space to stay tuned.

The future of melodic drill rap

When asked what his biggest strengths are, London Kotc says nobody sounds like him on melodic drill records. London also wants to use his experience in the music industry to inspire the future generation of rap. When asked if he had any advice to pass on to this generation, his words were:

“Do good, be kind, and live by the motto: if it has been done before, it isn’t impossible.”

And we think that’s sound advice to live by.

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