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Insyde Announces Huge Streaming Milestone

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Hitting one million streams is pretty incredible for any artist, especially an independent artist like Insyde, who recently announced on Twitter that his single Something Real had just surpassed the milestone on Spotify.

Insyde wrote and recorded the song with fellow Oklahoma musicians Hennest and Tot. They collaborated almost completely over the internet over a span of around 4 weeks to create the song. They spent an entire weekend around their local city filming the music video for the song in GoPro style.
Something Real is a song about relationships. It’s a song about struggle. It’s also about moving on, and not getting caught up with all the stresses of life. Insyde truly created an emotional masterpiece in this single.

The typical relationship music is shallow, and usually leaves the listener with more heartache and nostalgia than before. that’s not good for anyone, no matter how good it feels to feel bad for yourself, Insyde inspires his listeners to take action with their problems.

The hook is beautifully written, and to the point, not wasting any time beating around the bush. “I feel like I need something a little bit different, girl. I feel like I need something that’s real.” he sings. “I guess everything is not as it seems, I guess not everything is real,” he raps.

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