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Meet Elevated: The Accomplished Music Producer Going International

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Talent, passion and resilience can be key attributes for success in the music industry. This is evident from Elevated, the accomplished music producer taking over the music scene in the United States. Elevated is one of the top producers and the founder of Elevated Beats, a music brand that offers a wide range of music services.

At 12, Elevated was already making great beats from his old laptop with an Fl Studio. While in college, Elevated used to upload some of his beats on YouTube.  His industry name was inspired by the many music pages he loved to listen to, such as Hyyer Education, Majestic Casual, 88rising.

Elevated has grown to scale this music production talent and it’s now his full-time career. His first-ever major project as a producer was working on one of London’s best rap mixtapes Spaceman by Octavian. Incredibly, most of the beats were pre-produced and published on YouTube. Octavians emailed him with a request to link up with him from there they clicked and went ahead to work on more projects. 

Since then, Elevated has scaled to work with other top artists, including Central Cee, Fredo, Giggs, Jorja Smith, Jay1, Yxng Bane, Ynw Melly, and plenty more. He has also recorded tons of other unreleased music with many other artists. 

Elevated’s top career highlight has been composing music for “The Outsiders,” a documentary directed by Simon Fredrick. This was a big project for him because it was outside his comfort zone, helping him stretch the limits and providing him with a chance to showcase his diverse talents as a musician and producer. 

An accomplished music producer, Elevated believes in making timeless music that will transcend through the generation. He wants to help artists make music that is true to their sounds and personalities along with being immune to trends that come and go. He trusts that this is the way to go for any artist seeking relevance for years to come. To Elevated, it’s time musicians switched their focus from making music for fame or money and turned their attention to quality and what sounds best for them. 

Elevated also challenges both established and up-and-coming artists to be bold enough to pursue and explore their musical potential. He encourages them not to be afraid to experiment and try new things, for some of the great music comes from “accidents” and “mistakes” in the studio. 

Elevated is excited about the opportunities coming his way in the coming days. His goal right now is to work with a lot more international artists and cement his position on the global stage. He wants to visit the US along with other countries and work with more exceptional talent outside the UK. The experience working on a documentary was extremely special for Elevated and he aspires to land more movie projects in the coming years. 

Look out for a lot more tracks coming out in 2022, great things are on the way. Also, there may be an Elevated artist project soon. Stay tuned to his socials for more updates on his forthcoming projects. 

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