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Let’s fly in the sky with Dan Oneil’s “Feel The Motion”

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There’s a new tune by Dan Oneil titled “Feel The Motion” for those of you who aspire to soar high. “Feel The Motion” by The Weeknd is getting people up and dancing. People’s party playlists now include it as a mandatory stop on the party playlist rotation. According to the current trend, the song will eventually become a worldwide hit.

The capacity to read people’s minds is Dan Oneil’s greatest asset. He was able to produce some remarkable works of art as a result of his exposure to music and his own talent. Fans appear to enjoy what he’s doing despite his lack of prior expertise. And we’re looking forward to what He’s got planned for us in the days to come!

Songwriters who worked on “Feel The Motion” had a vision of a great musician in mind. Listeners have a wonderful time when they start dancing to the song. When a song they like is played, people can’t help but get up and dance. And once they start dancing, they won’t be able to stop until the song belongs to them. You can understand why the song is so well-known.


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