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Always Bet On Black

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As a woman that wears many hats, it’s very important that I create opportunities for other woman of color. It may not be in my field of publicity or journalism but through my Future is Female foundation, I remind women everyday that there is always time to follow your passion. With making sure that I am pulling others up with me, I am also reminded that there are still some doors beyond my reach. Not because I lack talent or drive, its simply that unfortunately black people don’t always find the value in paying other black people fairly. While I have no issues with any hardworking person, other races are not as invested in us as we are. Must we forget when black media complained in unison about talent passing them on the carpet. The fact that most A-List talent carry caucasian publicist that go straight to the media they see fit and passover the black media that supported them in the first place. Some talent don’t employ anyone and it shows.

While celebs like Marsai Martin and Issa Rae proudly advise how they not only root for everyone black, they employ staff members that are also mostly black including their agents and publicists. Lil Duval took to instagram to call out celebrities that supported the BMF premiere in Atlanta yet didn’t show the same support for Boosie. Monica was quick to reply that she had no idea Boosie was even having a premiere.

When Kisha Scott of GAME Media was asked how she would have handled it this was her reply,

“In all honesty, with Boosie and his online behavior all odds were against him. As a publicist all you can do is chase stories and correct them or let the media forget them. In terms of BMF winning on premiere night in the numbers game.. that’s to be expected.. it’s the first time in our culture we are saluting the D Boys of Detroit.. with 50’s backing.. and being from Detroit I can only love that”

Representation matters and it never hurts to have people in your corner that not only look like you but understand and believe in your path. No matter where this journey takes me, not only am I grateful to all who have helped me but I’m blessed to also help. Like my sister D Malone always says,”Be Blessed but more importantly be a blessing.”


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