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A Trip Down Memory Lane With Tarik’s Music

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Being able to lift someone from one moment and transport them into another using music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. One of the signs of a truly exceptional song is one that can make you forget about wherever you are and let you enjoy it, escape the world, or simply go back in time. While many people entering the music industry simply focus on providing trendy, in-demand music, others such as Tarik have a unique style in mind and continue to win hearts through it.

Tarik is a singer, songwriter, and actor who grew up in Canada and now lives in LA, where he makes music. Growing up, Tarik was greatly inspired by Micheal Jackson, Elton John, and George Micheal, and he started to realize the power of music. He understood that being able to feel nostalgia while listening to a song was an incredible feeling, and he wanted to give people this feeling through his music.

When talking about originality or authenticity, perhaps no one expresses this better than Tarik. He has always had the passion for making music that can transport people back in time to better memories, and he does just that. Tarik has not let the industry’s latest demands get to him, and he continues to make authentic music and expresses himself best while at it. Another of Tarik’s unique aspects is that he doesn’t like to take himself too seriously. Not many people can say this, as when people start to become successful, most start taking themselves very seriously, letting go of their previously carefree attitude.

While keeping the child-like attitude alive, Tarik is able to keep his mind open at all times for new ideas and everlasting imagination. Tarik uses everything around him to inspire him to write some amazing songs that help take us back to some good memories. While things are great right now with his producer, Tarik remembers when he was working alone, and it was indeed a difficult time. Tarik has found the perfect producer to work with, someone who gets him and carries a similar thought process as him.

For someone like Tarik, who has been through stages in his career while still keeping his authenticity, words of wisdom can carry great value. Tarik says that self-expression is perhaps the most important element when making something of your own. Authenticity never goes out of style and is always respected. Tarik has displayed this authenticity throughout his career, which might sound easy to say; however, it can be incredibly challenging.

When talking about his future goals and plans, Tarik says he hopes to continue making music the way he does and has no plans to alter his style. People have come to love the authenticity and the nostalgic tinge in his work, and Tarik plans to continue. To Tarik, his greatest achievement is to encapsulate moments and help people escape to an older time and enjoy their memories while listening to his music.

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