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And The Winner Is……50 Cent

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Both Power’s Michael Rainey Jr and BMF’s Demetrius ‘Lil Meech’ Flenory Jr took to instagram in a friendly battle calling out fans to choose which show they liked better. Despite the engagement on the platform, as Jay Z infamously said “Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t” and the numbers are in. The BMF Finale and The Power Book II: Ghost premiere attracted about 2.85 million L+SD views each, which set a record for Starz’s Sunday shows. The finale for BMF was also up 63 percent compared to its premiere in September and Ghost’s viewership also improved. In total, the two shows brought in almost 6 million combined views but Ghost continues to rain champion as the Number 1 show.

BMF has been renewed for a second season and Power Book V: Force is set to be released in February. But the real winner is clearly 50 Cent. The genius behind both series has surpassed the expectations despite the departure of Omari Hardwick, the show’s beloved Ghost. BMF is produced by 50’s G-Unit Film and Television company in association with Liongate Television. Aside from the BMF fans, no one is more proud of the series the story is actually based on Big Meech. While fans sit patiently waiting for episodes, one thing stands true. Power never dies!

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