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Conway Talks Working with Kanye, Being Underrated, & ‘God Don’t Make Mistakes’ | Complex News

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Since the start of 2020, very few rappers have been as prolific as Conway. With over five projects since the start of 2020, the Buffalo native is as confident as ever as he prepares to release his sophomore album, ‘God Don’t Make Mistakes.’ During a trip to Los Angeles, Pierce caught up with Conway prior to his show at Regent Theater and they talked about Conway’s career up to this point, the run Griselda has been on, why he feels like he’s the best rapper alive, and much more.

00:00 Intro
2:05 Features on New Album
3:00 2Chainz Connecting Conway to Lil Wayne and Rick Ross
5:00 Connecting Each Album Together
9:22 The Donda Feature
12:10 Griselda’s Imitators
14:20 Life After Shady Records?