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Hazelle Gomez expresses herself through her new single “Emotional”

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“Emotional,” Hazelle Gomez’s newest song, is danceable music. The cheerful and feisty tone of the song will appeal to folks who enjoy dancing and having a good time during parties. Despite the fact that this is a new genre for Hazelle, her followers seem to appreciate it.

As a model, Hazelle had to travel to many regions and meet a wide range of people. She’s seen a lot of musicians and heard a lot of different sorts of music on her travels. She currently resides in Los Angeles. As a consequence, attending parties is just another Tuesday night for her. As a result, she wanted to do something she liked doing for her audience.

The song “Emotional” transforms the party’s tone from dull to frantic. As the music starts, there is no place on the dance floor since everyone is already up and dancing. We are convinced that you will do the same after hearing it.

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