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Introducing TG, The Young Artist Making Waves Out Of NY

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TG at age 18 released his debut track RECKLESS in early 2020 and since then has made quite an impact in the hip hop scene. From Staten Island, NY he has become quite relevant in the underground rap scene. With a versatile flow and impressive freestyle abilities he’s keeping many fans around the globe waiting to hear more from this artist. TG now has a developing fanbase all across the States and even in Russia.

The young artist took a hiatus in the beginning of 2021 but then came back with another hit called Man Down, the long awaited song made TG show a new melodic sound and unique flow. After this he announced his song with Bizzy Banks titled Hit Back. The news of this release was building hype for his album Visions which is scheduled to release on December 3rd. With Hit Back dropped on the 19th many are saying this album could be what takes TG to the peak of the underground hip hop scene going into 2022.

TG has been making many connections and planning big moves to boost his career to the next level with well known manager Chris Clemenza and his father Louis representing him when it comes to marketing promotions. With the artists versatility and experience dabbling in other genres such as drill, melodic, emo rap, and rap mixed with rock and rage music. Many are expecting a lot from this young artists which makes him desirable to work with to anyone in the hip hop scene. Not only is his ability to make songs more developed then most he is also highly skilled at freestyling as this artist can go for extremely long amounts of time as well as when he’s featured he has a way of making songs his own by leaving such an impact on the track. Visions is promised to be the best underground album of the year by TG, and so far has not disappointed at all.

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