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Climbing Through Back Windows Is the Path to Success, per Justine Jakobs

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The definition of insanity, as the old adage goes, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It’s the same for aspiring musicians, according to Justine Jakobs. They all want to be extremely successful, but they continue to make the same mistakes.

They never change their approach to achieving their goals, and they keep repeating the same excuse: “We have no realistic chances of succeeding.”

Justine understands that success does not come from waiting for opportunities to fall from the sky; instead, she believes that everyone can create their own opportunities, or, as she likes to say, “If doors aren’t opening, just climb through the back windows.”

Justine is well aware of the amount of effort and time it took her to arrive at this point. There were times when she didn’t know which way to go, or, as she prefers to put it, when she felt like she was walking through a pitch black room blindfolded.

She admits that those were trying times for her, and she considered giving up on her dream of becoming a celebrity on several occasions. Justine Jakobs persisted, however, because she knew she was destined for the entertainment industry and that she felt most at ease in the spotlight, and that was what kept her going.

No matter what life threw at her, and no matter how many times doors shut in her face, she persisted in looking for a back window to climb through. As she explains, having a clear goal, sufficient dedication, and a healthy dose of stubbornness enables anyone to succeed and achieve any dream, as those are the qualities that helped her get to the place where she is now.

Justine knows that she will face many more ups and downs on her journey to becoming a super-star, but she’s not afraid. She is confident that she will overcome any obstacle that life throws her way, thanks to her tenacity, her dedication, and the genuine support of her friends and mentors.

Keep an eye out for young Justine Jakobs, as even though she’s new to the scene, she has a lot to offer, and don’t forget to follow her on her Instagram page.