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From brothers to music duo to label bosses.

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The meteoric rise of one of the most exciting names in Afro-House, and more.

At times, a familial bond can be even more significant than the relationship between brothers. When people who are so close in life happen to also be on the same wavelength when it comes to creativity, something truly magical can happen–– this is most definitely the case of Andrew and Gino; they shared a passion for making music. They managed to join their creative forces and realize something more significant than what they might have even imagined when they were dreaming it all up! 

Their duo, Calussa, perfectly represents what these two siblings from Miami are all about, musically, and not only. Their family has roots tracing back to Cuba, and their sound reflects their kaleidoscopic upbringing. It is not surprising to hear that the incredibly diverse background that fuels Calussa’s music tips the hat off to a vast range of influences, which prompt them to make music with an open mind. Anything goes from modern underground to Latin and Afro-House, and there is always room for new ideas and experiments while still keeping the sound fresh and catchy. 


The pair recently dropped three outstanding releases, including their latest, “Guatape,” a tribute to Colombia, its colours, and vibrant music scene. “More Life” is another highlight in Calussa’s career, racking up close to 200,000 streams and still growing! In addition to that, “This is Colombia” is another song centred around the pair’s love of Colombia, and it also features a local artist, Natalia Paris. When not busy refining their artistry, The brothers run their label, Hurry Up Slowly with their partner Malone which curates their releases and works with other talented artists.  Meanwhile, there will also be a fantastic event at Wynwood Studios, focused on the sale of various unique NFTs via The Art Plug, one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the community. This function is an excellent opportunity to learn more about some of the best artists on the scene and become a part of the NFT revolution!

It’s a great time to be an artist and be involved in music and art, and it’s great to see people like Calussa always ready to make the most out of any situation.