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Rising Artist Mark Banks Dropping New EP “Unexpected” On New Year’s Day

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Teen artist Mark Banks is becoming a quick riser within the music industry. The North Philly native is the artist behind the well-known song “Hold You”, which has been a hot piece on Spotify as of late. “Hold You” has now garnered over a million streams on the platform.  His new EP “Unexpected” is anticipated to have a new selection of songs that are primed to become top hits as well when released.  The EP is projected to be comprised of 5 songs with features from other prominent artists that will be revealed upon release day.


So, what can fans expect of the new release?  Mark Banks claims to have some delightful surprises in his new EP. When asked what we should expect of the EP, Banks states that, “The songs on this EP are filled with a ton of different types of vibes that most wouldn’t expect me to make.  This is the reason that I titled it “Unexpected”.  It’s really going to be a surprise when people listen to it and that’s honestly the goal.  I just hope people are ready for it.  I feel like its definitely going to be an EP of mine that’s going to stand out.  It’s going to be a big one for sure.”


Mark Banks has a track record of making great music, so it will be of no surprise if songs on this EP start trending upward as well.  The mystique and hype surrounding the release of his new EP are leaving fans exciting and on their toes to get their hands on his new songs. Even though Mark is not leaving too many clues of what type of music fans should expect in his new EP, he makes one thing very clear; on January 1st, be prepared to expect the “Unexpected”. Make sure to follow Mark on Spotify and check out his profile on Apple Music so you don’t miss out on the heat that will be released on New Year’s Day!