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One Lucky Artist Could Win $15K From United Masters! Ready To Choose The Blue or Red Pill?

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The Fourth Film of the groundbreaking Matrix Franchise, The Matrix Resurrections, is set to release on December 22nd just in time for the holidays. Fans will once again experience the creativity and epic fight scenes that only Trinity and Neo can display. UnitedMasters wanted to join in on the action by giving one lucky artist the opportunity of a lifetime. The record label is looking for tracks that inspired by the Matrix theme and will choose amongst the submissions and award this artist with $15,000. Upping the ante, they could also be included in the movie’s upcoming promotional campaign. How sick is that? Everyone remembers the mood and rhythm that each scene produced. Now it’s your turn to show them what you got!

Submissions are open now and will close on November 28, 2021!! Only songs submitted through the UnitedMasters app with vocals and are clear of samples will be considered. Get to work and don’t forget that with UnitedMasters you maintain full ownership over your masters! This mind-blowing opportunity won’t last forever so now the only question remains, which pill will you choose?


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