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Music Artist LaChaleur Shares His Top Wisdom Everyone Needs to Know

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Seeds won’t germinate the same day they are planted. It takes time before any visible growth can happen. Sometimes, they must also be watered consistently before any change can occur. Diomande Elliott, known by his stage name LaChaleur, knows this from personal experience.

When LaChaleur started his musical journey, he knew he had to be unique to thrive. Born and bred in the Bronx in New York, LaChaleur’s family is originally from West Africa. After a careful exploration of the music industry, he realized few artists represented his heritage and saw an opportunity.

LaChaleur brings his heritage into the pop culture limelight in different ways. He mixes rock, high-end urban wear, and West African aesthetics to create a unique flavor. He says his versatile ear for music helps a lot. LaChaleur adds, “I tend to fuse all the elements I love, sometimes consciously, sometimes not, but the outcome is usually dope.”

The stage name “LaChaleur” represents his culture too. One of the main dialects in Ivory Coast, where his family comes from, is French, and that’s where he drew his inspiration from. LaChaleur means “The Heat” in French, and that’s what he tries to embody in his music. He says, “I try to throw some French in songs when I can or when it just feels right to me, and I don’t know many or any at all doing that with flair.”

In the course of his career, LaChaleur has represented his people in big events both as a performer and a producer. A few years back, he did a freestyle performance for a Nigerian awards show. He has also performed and opened for notable acts like P Square, Sarkodie, and Tekno, among others when he was in a duo group called New City.

LaChaleur has produced for Efya, Asap Ferg, Desiigner, 147 Cal boy, 27 Delly, Hassirv, Q Da Fool, and Mac Sauce, among others. He has released some of his record placements, and some are in the process of being released.

Throughout his musical journey, LaChaleur has grappled with inconsistency. He says, “My biggest challenge is consistency, and that’s what I still face to this day. I may be consistent in some aspects, but I know that sometimes funds and even just time can cause a halt, but I never let it bring me down fully. I still find a way to be productive even if it isn’t for myself.”

To thrive, he has also had to learn several lessons. One, your journey is about you, but it’s not just about you. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation where you’d like to be highlighted, but that won’t happen. LaChaleur says playing behind the curtains is okay, too, because you can learn and grow with time.

Two, the best things come when you least expect them. LaChaleur says that you just have to plant the seeds and wait for them to grow. All you can do is give it your best while you can, and the rest will happen when the time is right.

Three, LaChaleur believes in the power of purpose. He says that when you maneuver with genuine purpose, God will bless you at the right time. For him, his purpose is to help others get in position and develop themselves. He wants to work on his label in the coming years, which will help him do that effectively.