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Pluggworlds Newest Album “Tug of War” Is Out Now

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Childhood friends James “David” Murray, Cameron Morrison, and Ivan Chatman make up the formula that is Pluggworld. Starting off as just a hobby, the group began recording and playing live instruments in Murrays’ bedroom using Garageband to lay their tracks. Once Chatman and Murray became more skilled in their live instruments and Morrison became entranced by producing, the group decided it was time to take their hobby up to the next level. The band ended up securing an actual studio space and acquired real equipment and programming in 2015, and began making music every day for a year. The group went on to release their first official song “Lucid” in 2016, and has put out five albums since then. The band currently operates as a duo featuring Murray and Morrison, however Chatman is still an integral part of the group and often aids in production, writing, creative direction and videography.

In January of 2020 the band released the most successful record of their career, “Chick Filet” featuring Houston heavyweight Sauce Walka who delivered the perfect outro to the high energy track. The song gained over one million views on Worldstar and nearly three-hundred thousand streams within the first few months. In 2021 the band released another successful single “Show & Tell”, which quickly racked up almost a quarter of a million views on Youtube. Pluggworld produces, writes, and records most of their own music, but has worked with NY Native, producer Vin D’amato on a few songs on their latest project Tug of War. This project is the columination of the group’s sound, pulling in elements of both Hip Hop and R&B. There are no dull moments, and it’s worthy of being left on repeat.

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