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BadKid Paris: Hollywood’s Next Up Child Celebrity

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Paris is 10 years old and known by her alias BadKid Paris. Born in Beaumont Texas, BadKid Paris has been a resident of Houston Texas for 5 years. Paris’s career started off when she auditioned to become a “Bad Kid” with Funny Mike and was accepted. Paris then started her own YouTube channel. Funny Mike has an active youtube series as well as a channel whom which Paris has starred in some skits with Funny Mike. The attention and traction garnered from Funny Mike’s audience have given this “bad kid” some fuel to add to her fire. Paris has continued this momentum and continues to release creative content pertaining to her life.

At that time she was also taking modelling and acting lessons with Page Parkes. She auditioned with a few talent agencies and was accepted by A3 Artist Agency in LA as well as Page Parkes in Texas. Paris was featured on the song “Bossy” with Funny Mike Ent.

Paris has now released her first song and video “Money All Around Me”, which is on YouTube and all major platforms. The video was equal parts funny and sassy. Anyone can tell that scene by scene was crafted perfectly with one vision in mind. At one point, Paris’s mom and dad pull up in his and her cars in white and hop out. Her mother with a Mercedes and her dad with a Bentley. At the end of the video, Paris is seen sitting in the Bentley and putting down a stack of money so she can pull off.  One thing is consistent throughout the song, Paris does have money all around her and is proving herself and her abilities with Funny Mike Entertainment. “Money All Around Me” was inspired by Paris’s lavish life growing up, where she got anything she wanted no matter the cost. The song took itself took about a week to create and the video took 2 days. Paris recalls that her favourite part of  making her music video was “When I got to drive off in my dad’s Bentley.” She also admitted that one of her favourite parts of her song was when she says “Pretty girls don’t need no ID.”Paris’s dream is to someday collaborate with a famous rapper, NBA Young Boy but for now, she would love to collaborate with some of her close friends such as Macei, Mya, Khalani, & Journey Christine. For someone being so young and with a lengthy resume, we are eagerly excited to witness what she has in store next.

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