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Are Dancehall Artists Demarco & Konshens Battling It Out For Dancehall Album of the Year?

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It was recently revealed that dancehall artiste Konshens is releasing his album Red Reign on November 12, under Ineffable Records. Coincidently, dancehall compadre Demarco is set to release this debut album Melody under the same label. Although friends, the two artists have been known to compete on wax. Are two of dancehall’s most prominent fixtures having a friendly competition, similar to that of 2007’s Kayne West vs. 50 Cent?

Why, you might ask? Demarco and Konshens are competitors who stem from a country that treats dancehall music like a championship MMA fight. While both are regarded as two of the world’s best dancehall songjays of all time, the natural thing to do is to compete for the number one spot.

Demarco, whose hit records include “Fallen Soldiers,” and “I Love My Life,” has worked with Rihanna and Bounty Killer. More notably, he has produced some of dancehall’s most iconic riddims. In comparison, Konshens has dropped hit after hit with singles “Gal a Bubble” and “Bruk Off Yuh Back” solidifying him as a future dancehall Hall of Famer.

Demarco is the first to drop his album this Friday, and the reviews have been overwhelming. He received well wishes from many prominent influencers such as Hot 97’s Ebro, Love & Hip-Hop Star Mariah Lynn, Sean Paul, and Diamond selling artist Shaggy. All indications point to a successful debut album. As for Konshens, things are starting to heat up quickly. He recently performed at the Barclay Center during Legendary Reggae artist SuperCat’s verzuz event. Konshens has also stirred things up on Instagram, releasing some steamy images that almost got him banned from the platform.

Both artists are legends in their own right. The battle for the 2021 Dancehall Album of the Year should be a conversation between the two stars for years to come.

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