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And The Winner Is Andre 3000’s Verse On Kanye West’s DONDA

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After taking the time to individually address the backlash Kanye faced for not having certain artist on DONDA, Kanye released the deluxe version Sunday night. It features tracks from Young Thug, Kid Cudi and Andre 3000. The track that’s on everyone’s lips is “Life of the Party”. This track caused a lot of drama after it was leaked and Andre immediately made a statement about how he had no intentions of being included in anyone’s beef. “Life of the Party” was originally the only explicit song on the entire project but after listening on Spotify it has a series of bleeps which indicates that Kanye edited tis version. On the hand, the explicit version is still on Apple Music.

Andre 3000’s heartfelt verse is one of the reasons that he continues to loved by so many. His request “-Miss Donda, You See My Mama, tell her I’m lost” instantly reminds us of the loss that haunt both him and Kanye. Andre told Billboard that “his intent was to support Donda’s concept in tribute to his own late mother, and that he was not a part of the diss that ended up on the song.” We can all understand how this moment made him feel like a pawn. Despite the immaturity, it is quite evident that Kanye respects Andre as he is the only artist to receive credit as a feature. Fans are happy to hear from the Atlanta Legend and are still hoping an Outkast reunion will happen soon.


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