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Itzel Rivera draws attention to her music with “Focus”

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tzel Rivera has taken everyone by surprise with the release of her brand-new track “Focus.” The song went on to become a tremendous smash on different music charts. Itzel has established herself as one of the generation’s growing musical talents as a consequence of the song. Itzel is immediately the focus of attention.

Itzel, a native of Los Angeles, has worked as a model in a variety of capacities. Despite having previously worked as a model, she has just begun a career as a musician. She’s been listening to house music since she moved to Los Angeles. This enables her to make songs knowing that her followers will appreciate her hard work and efforts. That is what drives her to continue creating music like “Focus.”

With a combination of beautiful melodies and peaceful but compelling rhythms, the song “Focus” stirs your emotions. As soon as you hear the song, you start to relate to it. It’s no surprise that the song has done so well in such a short time after its debut.

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