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Mamso Freshh Inspires the Youth With His New Single, “MONEY CHAP”

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As an advocate for putting in the work to enjoy your dreams, Mamso Freshh releases the victory anthem, “MONEY CHAP” to celebrate success.

Rapper and music activist, Mamso Freshh is of Ivory Coast, West African descent. He was born and raised in Paris, elevating himself through adversity to achieve his dreams. His diversified upbringing gave him the bilingual gift of his native language, French, and English after he made the move to the United States to pursue his career as an artist. Being in the big city of New York for over 4 years, Mamso Freshh has made good on his promise to himself to become an artist using his voice and music to impact positively on the world.

His versatile style of rap, mixed with meaningful lyrics and melodic flows has made him an upcoming crowd favorite in the industry. Mamso Freshh is the voice of the people, the voiceless, the minorities subjected to injustice without someone to fight on their behalf. His musical influences like Tupac, Nipsey Hustle, and Michael Jackson can be given some credit in leading his music down a path of substance as they all impacted the youth and took a stand for the oppressed.

Furthering his goal to inspire, uplift, and encourage others to be fearless and believe in themselves, Mamso Freshh released his latest single “MONEY CHAP.” The track is a celebration for rewards reaped after putting in the work, being able to enjoy the finer things and provide for loved ones. It is both humble in success and flexing your come up. Mamso Freshh perfectly balances both. The music video to the popping single shows Mamso Freshh’s pioneered “Chap Dance” that is sure to be a hit in the clubs.

Mamso Freshh knows what it means to work 24/7 independently funding your dreams, and uses his come up to motivate the youth to never give up and be fearless in their ambition. Check out his new single “MONEY CHAP” and follow him online for upcoming projects.




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