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The Real Skit SO Drops Visual For Paper Chase

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Being on a paper chase is something that we are all too familiar with. We get up every day with the goal to make more money today, then we did yesterday. The term “Get it By Any Means Necessary” is in full effect when it comes to hip hop artist “THEREALSKITSO.” The grind never stops when it comes to that paper or the music that THEREALSKITSO is creating.

New York is a very big place and a powerful market for any up-and-coming artist that wants to take their career to the next level. So being in East Buffalo is the perfect place to allow THEREALSKITSO to grow his brand and career. If you combine that with the world wide web, you now have an enormous outlet to drive traffic to what you have going on. This is and will be the game changer for THEREALSKITSO.

“Paper Chase” is the name of the new video and the visuals are off the chain. This music video brings out an element of the song that you may not have gotten by just listening to the audio. The video creates context, it creates a story that you may not even have been thinking of yourself. This video is powerful and really speaks to a lot of different types of people. The Hustle, The Go Getter , and the person the wants to win by any means necessary.