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The Motivation Behind Orchestrate96’s New Album, Money Baby

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They say money makes the world go around and, in the case of rapper Orchestrate96, the turntable too. The Houston, TX producer and hip-hop artist recently spoke about his upcoming album Money Baby and explained the reasoning behind its name. He disclosed, “I choose the name Money Baby because a long-term goal of mine is to build generational wealth. Wealth for my children’s children. I hope to get some prominent features on this album. I will announce the release day soon enough.” This album will come as the second full-length project the young artist has released and will showcase his “fun, turnt, and distinct” style as he classifies it. Orchestrate96 is originally from Edo State, Nigeria, and has faced plenty of roadblocks along his journey to music that have helped shape his sound and character. Currently, he manages to go to college and continues to build his fanbase from the ground up. Determination has been instilled through all this and is sure to push Orchestrate96’s career further than the highs of Money Baby’s anticipated arrival.


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