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From Greece with Love: Get to know Musical Artist Giannis Loud

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Artists who can adjust to new challenges while keeping a steady workflow are typically the ones we witness thriving. A young up-and-coming artist recognized in the industry named Giannis Loud is no exception.  He has performed exceptionally well as an artist, showcasing his unique and imaginative aesthetic, making him a total crowd-pleaser.


He’s young, driven and a substantial influence to those around him because of his youthful passion for achieving the goals he sets out to accomplish.  One example is how he recently wore his heart on his sleeve in a recent studio single titled “Workin.”  Fans immediately resonated with his honesty and confession-like lyricism; many could relate to the battles with depression and the cold relationship one would experience with a father– this set him in the spotlight as one-to-watch.  Nowadays, it’s hard to come across artists who bring substantial content to the table; talents like Giannis have a natural ability to bring people together by intentionally interweaving themes that many can call home. 


Giannis champions the hearts of sneaker lovers with his massive collection of vintage and sought-after kicks.  Musicians who discover ways of engaging their fanbase beyond the music add more credibility to their brand and create more opportunities to deepen the relationship with their listeners– this distinguishes them from the rest and fosters longevity–something Giannis executes exceptionally well. 


Giannis is only 17 but has accomplished considerably more than many veterans in the game; at this speed, we can expect more from him in the public and media appearances in the US and Greece. One thing is for certain, his star power will keep growing. 


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