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Artist Brenae Reflects On Her Career and The Importance Of Mental Health

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Up-and-coming artist Brenae is using her unique talents and raw bars to make a name for herself in the Hip-Hop scene today, where she has been catching attention from many with her hard-hitting style of “melodic trapp chantz”.

Rising in notoriety on social media platforms and through numerous interviews, Brenae has been able to perform at a variety of unique venues and events around Atlanta such as One Love One Mic, ILounge, Ghost Bar, and Authentic Empire’s Indie Showcase.

Currently, Brenae is up for Female Performer of the Year 2021 via ATL Hip Hop & Fashion Awards and recently won the “I Am a Rockstar” showcase hosted by Wealth Nation.

To get to this level, Brenae really put an emphasis on the importance of self-care. She always makes it a point to put time aside for herself, stating:

“Self reflection is the key to success. Mental Health has become a very controversial and a taboo topic of conversation, one that I hold high regards for. Needless to say, I allowed myself mental health breaks.”

With this mindset and her natural talent, Brenae has been rising in fame and catching the attention of many while staying grounded and true to herself. Brenae shows no signs of slowing anytime soon, and you can hear more from her and her latest projects at her Instagram. You can also stream her latest single, “Sticky”, on all platforms.